Facebook released a new feature for the gaming platform Facebook Gaming on Tuesday. The Tournaments feature allows gamers worldwide to hold e-sports tournaments with their friends.

The feature had been in the works for a while, but Facebook decided to release the feature early to bring together people isolated by the coronavirus, chief engineer Mina Abouseif said in an interview with GamesBeat. "Our mission for Facebook Gaming is to build the world's gaming community, and organized gameplay has always been a big part of gaming," said Abouseif.

Tournaments allow users to organize virtual tournaments on different levels of difficulty. Making a tournament is similar to making another Facebook event. You can set a time, date and duration of the match and invite friends to it.

Streamers on the platform can also host tournaments for their fans and broadcast them directly. At the same time, they can use Facebook's fundraising tools to raise money and donate to aid organizations.

Tournaments is now available worldwide, although Facebook says the new feature is still in its early stages and is still under construction.