One of the main duties of the NEC is to encourage voting. In this general election, we are worried that voters will not come to the polling place in the aftermath of the corona, but at the same time, we need to prepare for what to do if there are too many at once.

Reporter Kwon Young-in was covered.


The Chungcheongbuk-do Election Commission is busy loading quarantine supplies for the jurisdiction.

[Choi Byung-ho / Delivery of quarantine supplies: (Teacher, where is this going?) Now this is Okcheon. (Okcheon?) Yes.]

As the situation in Corona19 worsened, quarantine became the most important task of the NEC.

There was a fever check box at the entrance to the polling place,

[Byun Hyun-yoon / Chungbuk Election Commission Promotion Section: Those with fever above 37.5 degrees can vote at a separate temporary ticket office.]

Disinfectants and plastic gloves are also available.

We decided not to use the fingerprint reader that was introduced for identification purposes.

[Kim Sun-Hee / Chungbuk Election Commission Election Division: (Senior Commission) It is difficult to tell whether employees are talking about election management or corona management these days.

The public relations plan to promote voting was also almost canceled at the final stage.

[Jung-Ah Jung / Chungbuk Election Commission Public Relations Division: I was trying to promote the disabled and the elderly, but if you see here, cancel, cancel, cancel, cancel… It's all canceled.]

However, in places where there are few contributors, such as Chungbuk and Jeonbuk, there is also a new SNS publicity plan and a local bakery collaboration project that sells bread with the logo ‘vote’.

However, even in Daegu and Gyeongbuk, it is difficult to promote the election.

Instead, cyber campaign elections increased sharply as candidates promoted face-to-face with SNS.

[Lee So-yoon / Chungbuk Sector Commission Cyber ​​Fair Election Support Staff: Still, it seems that there are more than 100 and 200 cases (violation) per day. (Every day?) Yes.]

The National Election Commission is planning to finalize and announce measures to prevent polling stations containing the contents of measures such as not wearing a mask before the day after the 9th.

(Video coverage: Lee Byeong-ju, Video editing: Jong-tae Kim, VJ: Young-sam Jeong)

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