Police are investigating not only telegrams, but also other messengers regarding the spread of child sexual exploitation. Recently, 10 people who spread sexual exploitation were captured by a messenger called 'Discode'. Eight were minors, and one of them was a 12-year-old boy.

Reporter Cho Yun-ha on the sidewalk.


The police come into a man's room.

[It was a violation of the Act on Sexual Protection of Children and Youths and a warrant for seizure was issued.]

This is a seizure and search scene of A, a college student who has spread sexual exploitation of children and youth in the online messenger 'Discode'.

Discod is a messenger mainly used by teenagers who enjoy games, and if you create a channel similar to an Internet cafe, multiple users can access and share content.

Police caught 10 people who spread sexual exploitation through discos like Dr. Telegram's room and Room n.

Three people, including Mr. A, are accused of spreading sexual exploitation to a channel that is accessed by multiple people, and seven are charged with sharing and receiving 10,000 to 30,000 won each.

The number of sexual exploitation carried by them is 16,000.

Eight out of the ten caught were minors, but they were 12 years old.

[Kim Seon-gyeom / Chief of Cyber ​​Investigation, Gyeonggi Northern Police Agency: There were some parts of the discrimination identified in the doctor's room where the sexual exploitation video was confirmed… .]

The police, who arrested Mr. A and recruited the remaining nine, are tracking 86 other diffusers and buyers.