Two years in jail have been imprisoned for Lee Myung-hee, wife of the late chairman, Cho Yang-ho, who was handed over to trial for allegedly assaulting company employees. It is the prosecution's judgment that this is a typical case, and Mr. Lee Myung-hee cried and appealed to his predecessor.

Reporter Lee Han-seok covered this news.

<Reporter> Even the company staff had been plucked, but no one could stop Lee Myung-hee.

Swearing at the driver

[Lee Myung-hee / Cho Yang-ho, President of Hanjin Wife: Why put this underneath and it's XXX. (The one in front of me ...) I can't fix it right now. Go and fix it!]

Even if he didn't manage the door at home, he threw scissors at the guards and said that he didn't put any items in the car.

In this way, Lee was put on trial for allegedly inflicting 22 offenses on nine people over the past eight years since 2011.

The prosecution defined Lee's crimes as a typical case.

Although he used his superior status to assault victims for no reasonable reason, the victims said they had no choice but to endure violence and swear words to make a living.

Prosecutors have asked Lee for two years in prison, saying that the corresponding sentence should be sentenced.

In the last statement, Lee bowed her head saying that everything was truly remorseful for her virtues.

She cried that she couldn't sleep and had extreme bad thoughts after her husband died, appealing to be called for good luck.

The sentence for Mr. Lee will be held on the 6th of next month.

Although Lee's agreement with the victim is likely to be normal, the recent probation of illegally hiring a Filipino domestic helper could be adversely affected.

(Video coverage: Yang Doo-won, Video editing: Park Ji-in)