Twenty were caught drinking with friends after turning off the location tracking function (GPS) of self-quarantine applications.

Mr. A, who is in his 20s, who lives in Sancheong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, recently left the country and left the house about 7 pm on the 4th of the evening without permission.

Mr. A then drank about 5 hours with 7 friends at a restaurant near the house. We installed a self-contained application, but turned off location tracking so authorities could not locate Mr. A.

However, Mr. A talked to his friends at a drinking party and talked about self-exclusion, and the neighbors who heard it eventually reported to the police.

Sancheong-gun accused Mr. A of police, and this is the first case of self-containment breach in Gyeongnam.

Persons who violate self-containment guidelines will be sentenced to one year of imprisonment or a fine of not more than 10 million won, in accordance with the Enhanced Infectious Disease Prevention Act.

While voices of concern have emerged as the loopholes of self-contained applications for overseas immigrants have emerged, the government is considering a variety of measures, including the use of 'wristbands' to prevent unauthorized escape of self-contained individuals.

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