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Let's start the news of current critic Ko Hyun-jun. What's the first news?

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It is the largest delivery app company in Korea, and the people of delivery recently changed the commission system and controversy has arisen.

In this situation, Gunsan-si, Jeollabuk-do, has been attracting attention by developing a delivery app that does not require fees for small business owners. Gunsan City released last month's public delivery app and delivery masterpiece to revitalize the local economy.
Immediately after launch, the number of subscribers, which was about 5,000, surged nearly 5 times to 2,3,500 in 3 weeks. The total number of orders processed by last week is more than 6,900, and the amount is worth 160 million won.

It is because it is a structure that benefits both small business owners and consumers because it has quickly settled into the market through fierce competition with private delivery apps.

Small business owners do not need to pay a single fee for use and advertising, unlike private delivery apps. Gunsan City estimates that it will save more than 250,000 won per month on average per company.

Consumers can also pay with local vouchers that are not accepted by private delivery apps, saving 10% of food prices.

The Cheong Wa Dae National Petition Bulletin also has a petition saying that it would be better to make a public delivery app without fees in other regions like Gunsan City.


If you are a delivery person, delivery fee or something like this, I am very curious about this. Please tell me the next news.

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Next news. The USFK has introduced an olfactory test using apple cider vinegar, among other methods to screen for suspected corona19.
It is said that Camp Walker, a USFK unit located in Daegu, introduced an olfactory test to screen out people with symptoms of corona19.

The test, which began on Friday last week, is aimed at randomly smelling a cotton swab moistened with apple cider vinegar for anyone attempting to enter the Daegu US military base.

If you can't smell it, or have a sense of smell abnormality, you have to do additional tests. In the future, we plan to expand and operate it at other bases in Korea.

The introduction of the olfactory test by the USFK is a measure based on medical analysis that corona19 infected people suffer from loss of smell.

The World Health Organization is investigating the relationship between loss of smell and corona infection, and researchers from King's College in the UK have reported that 59% of 579 positive corona-positive patients have lost their sense of smell.

In the USFK, there are recently confirmed corona19 confirmed for five consecutive days, and 19 USFKs have received corona19 confirmed.


Better than not. Please tell me the next news.

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We will tell you the next news. A man in his 50s who was released from a dog without a neckline and a muzzle and hurt a passerby was sentenced to a fine in the first instance.
The Seoul Central District Court sentenced Mr. A to a fine of 2 million won for accusation of negligence. Mr. A took a walk with his dog, a Maltese dog, on a promenade in Seocho-gu, Seoul last July.

However, this pet dog bit the calf of Mr. B, who was passing by, and Mr. B was diagnosed with 2 weeks of transposition. However, throughout the first trial, Mr. A denied the crime, claiming that Mr. B had already opened the wounded scab and was bleeding.

The Tribunal reported that Mr. B reported 112 immediately after the incident, that there was no data to admit that Mr. B was treated for calf wounds prior to the incident, and that Mr. A neglected the obligations to take when walking with his dog. Considering this recognition, etc., Mr. A's charges were convicted.

The court said that Mr. A blamed Mr. B for the case, but the pain suffered by Mr. B appears to have been mild, but that he took into account the fact that Mr. A did not have any criminal penalties.