A Chinese man in his thirties who was arrested for cheating to sell a mask on an online secondhand trading site and stealing tens of millions of won was handed over to trial.

The Seoul Southern District Prosecutor's Office said today (7th) that a 36-year-old Chinese man was arrested and charged with fraud and other charges.

Mr. A is accused of selling about 20 million won to 45 people by selling KF94 masks on the 'Middle Country' site from February to last month.

In addition, they are charged with cheating or giving low-interest loans as if they were selling various items, such as laptops and cell phones, and received 58 million won from 58 people.

The charge of injuring two police officers in the process of being arrested by police on the 17th of last month was also added.

The prosecution said, "We are going to look for a mid-term sentence considering the fact that the mask supply was unstable due to the corona 19 incident and the violence against police officers."

(Photo = Yonhap News TV, Yonhap News)