Moreh (9th) Online school starts step by step from high school and middle school students. Over 26,000 students with developmental disabilities nationwide also receive the same distance lessons, but the voice of concern has already been high.

Reporter Inho Song on the sidewalk.


A special school in Incheon, students with developmental disabilities, such as intellectual or autism, are also no exception to remote classes.

[Eunhye Yoo / Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education: As there were many experts who were concerned about the infection of Corona 19, it is inevitable that they will have to start school online in the same way as regular schools… ]

However, it is virtually impossible for students with disabilities to take remote classes alone.

Parents or guardians must prepare their classes and take care of their homework.

In the event that remote classes are not possible, it is a policy for teachers to go to the homes of students with disabilities and conduct one-on-one customized classes, but it is a position that parents' groups with disabilities will be more helpful in expanding care and strengthening outside circuit education.

This is because it is difficult for parents to care for students with disabilities all day at home, while both Corona 19 and schools and welfare institutions are closed.

[Yoon Jong-Sul / President of Disabled National Solidarity: Actually, many people with developmental disabilities were unable to conduct video lessons. There was a situation where parents actually became teachers. (School) was only providing content.]

The Ministry of Education said that it would decide whether to enroll students with developmental disabilities by assessing the risk of corona19 infection at the end of the social distance-taking period.