It has been reported that the government is considering introducing electronic bracelets to self-isolators after a recent self-isolation escape case. In the midst of controversy over human rights abuses, it is expected to go through a meeting today (seven days) to determine the wearing policy.

Reporter Won Jong-jin reports.


After his trip to Thailand, he was in the subject of self-isolation, but he was in his 20s who went to PC rooms and restaurants. The couple went to restaurants and lotto rooms several times during containment.

Even though they made penalties, the government decided to take stronger measures as more cases of self-containment violations were made, as if laughing at the quarantine network.

A government official said in a call with SBS that he was stranded in the direction of filling the electronic bracelet with a self-container.

The government will hold a secretary-general-related meeting after the State Council meeting at 10:00 am today to review the effectiveness, scope of application, and timing of implementation of the electronic bracelet.

It has been reported that after receiving consent from the self-containment recipient, attaching an electronic bracelet, and considering refusing to enter the country, are also considering ways to prohibit entry.

However, there is a concern that the nation may grasp the individual's detailed movements by attaching an electronic bracelet.

In addition, realistic problems remain, such as whether electronic bracelets can be supplied immediately and in large quantities to over 37,000 self-isolators on a 4-day basis.

For this reason, it seems that further discussion will be needed after today.