Today (6th), one container ship that entered Busan New Port during the day hit a large crane. One crane was injured when the crane, about 5 stories above the apartment, collapsed.

Reporter Hong Young-jae.


The blue crane falls and hits the ship anchored at the pier.

[Wow, is there anyone below?]

Today at 2:50, a 150,000-ton container ship that arrived at the second port of Busan's New Port crashed into a crane with another vessel.

[Witness: Suddenly collapsed. I didn't even know the English language. At the same time as it's banging, it's like that. .]

The accident vessel was entering port 8, but was unable to slow down and collided first with the ship docked next to it.

Afterwards, turning around and turning to the right, the aft of the ship collided with the crane, which caused the crane to collapse.
[Coast officials: Are we only guessing, and if the brakes are applied immediately, the vehicle will not stop immediately and will not be pushed slowly? I'm talking about that.]

In a sudden accident, an knight on another crane was injured and was taken to the hospital in the process of escape.

The accident resulted in the complete collapse of one of the five cranes at dock 8, and the other one being replaced.

It is estimated that the remaining 3 cranes are also damaged or suspected of being damaged, so it is necessary to perform a detailed inspection, resulting in only 10 billion won of damage.

The police are investigating the exact cause of the accident against the captain of the container ship.

(Video coverage: Jinhyuk Choi KNN, Video editing: Yonghwa Jung)