Elementary 1st and 2nd graders will start taking online classes on the 20th of this month and then take a remote class centered on EBS broadcasting and home study materials, not smart devices.

The Ministry of Education announced today (5th) the 'Elementary School 1st and 2nd Grade Remote Lesson Plan'.

As concerns about the spread of Corona19 have not faded, schools across the country will be starting online on the 9th and 3rd of this month sequentially.

On the 16th, high school first and second graders, middle and second graders, and elementary and fourth graders and sixth graders will start online.

Lastly, on the 20th, the first to third graders of elementary school start their remote classes.

In the first and second grades of elementary school, there have been concerns that it is difficult for children to concentrate for 40 minutes in front of a computer or smart device without a teacher even if they do a real-time interactive remote lesson.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Education decided to conduct remote classes centered on EBS broadcasting and home study materials for the first and second graders, unlike other grades.

First of all, EBS broadcasts for elementary and first graders will be aired on the ground wave 'EBS 2TV' from tomorrow (6th).

It was originally aired on the cable channel 'EBS Plus 2'.

Courses related to subjects such as Korean language and mathematics, as well as 'Art Expedition', 'Waggle Museum', and 'Software Let's Play!' You can also watch creative experience programs.

Children should get used to watching EBS broadcasts over the next two weeks.

Even after the 20th day of full-scale classes, you will be able to take a remote class centered on EBS broadcasting.

Each school will ship a 'learning package' that children can study at home before school starts.

The learning package contains learning materials such as writing in Korean, writing numbers, and drawing while watching television.

Attendance is confirmed by comments, text messages, etc. of the online classroom that the homeroom teacher opened with parents.

School life records are not made during the remote classes.

After the attendance at school is resumed, check and write how you studied with EBS or learning packages.

Deputy Prime Minister Yoo Eun-hye and Minister of Education said, "We will prepare a variety of customized educational activities to suit each student's developmental stages."