The business chat app Slack has released a beta version of an app that allows users to make video calls with Microsoft Teams, Slack writes on his website on Wednesday. This allows users to make video calls directly from Slack with users of the other video service.

When users add the Microsoft Teams app to Slack, they can start a Teams call within Slack. It is not possible to participate directly within Slack. However, they can see how long a video call has been in progress and how many people are participating in the conversation. In addition, users can set Microsoft Teams as the default app for calling within Slack.

In addition to the integration of Microsoft Teams, Slack also comes with integration for VoIP phone numbers. With a Voice over IP service, users can make calls via an Internet connection. This integration works with Zoom, Cisco Jabber, RingCentral and Dialpad.

The two chat services Slack and Microsoft Teams are big competitors. In addition to chatting, the software also allows employees to make video calls with their colleagues and exchange files.

The two chat services are widely used by home workers, both services have seen the number of users increase from working from home in recent weeks. Last week, Teams was used by a record 44 million people in one day.

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