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Javier Clemente neither likes nor convinces the confinement to fight against the coronavirus. The current coach of the Basque Country has attacked this Thursday against the measures decreed by the Government to stop a pandemic that has already cost the lives of more than 10,000 people in Spain.

"They say I am very defensive, so on Twitter I will play the attack. Telling the truth is the most important thing and without being afraid of anyone," he says, by way of presentation on that social network. And this Thursday, in effect, it has launched into the attack.

His dialectical offensive has begun in the middle of the morning, with a complaint about confinement - "it is not known if we are going to be locked up for a month or a year" - which already reflected his discomfort: "Courage, they don't give at all and I don't say when they talk the politicians".

The former Spanish coach and coach of numerous teams has shown his concern below. " For the economy to go well, you have to go to work. And who goes? Well, those who are healthy. I would already like to know what healthy people are at home for," argued Clemente.

In his third message he has defined confinement for sanitary reasons as "evil for many, consolation for fools".

A tweet that has garnered remarkable echo and a thousand responses . In addition to some reproaches for ignoring contagion mechanisms, Clemente has been ironically reminded of his reputation as a defensive coach and his results on some modest teams.

Javier Clemente has received criticism for his "irresponsibility" and for expressing his opinion on a matter in which, as he himself had acknowledged, he had "little knowledge".

"We are stiff, there is no money," Javier Clemente continued in a fourth message in which he asked why they had not bought masks, suits, tests and respirators. And again it has been thrown in a whirlwind against the leaders: "If there had not been so much sausage precisely from some politicians, now there would be for everything."

The coach, who throughout his career has starred in notable controversies, has ended up ironizing the dramatic increase in unemployment. "News bomb, the biggest rise in unemployment in I don't know how many years, I screwed, if most companies have closed," he lamented in his last tweet.

When he has withdrawn after the relief, his name has begun to rise to be among the most cited of the day on Twitter. And then others have launched the attack. The last minutes have already been played outside the field of good education.

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