In Corona 19, a private clinic doctor in his 50s died today (2nd).

This is the first case of death in the medical staff in Korea, and the 172nd death in Korea.

Physician A (59), who was inpatient at Kyungpook National University Hospital, died at around 8:30 am today.

Director A was diagnosed with corona19 on the 19th of last month and was in hospital.

He was found to be infected by contact with confirmed patients during outpatient care.

It has been confirmed that he has never served in the Corona 19 screening clinic.

After being admitted to Kyungpook National University Hospital, he was classified as a critically ill patient and was treated for CRRT, and then received a stent implantation treatment for myocardial infarction the day before his death.

A hospital official said, "I passed the crisis the previous day, but the coronary artery was blocked and died."