Coronavirus: a global pandemic, various reactions

In the township Khayelitsha, near Cape Town in South Africa. Reuters

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As the coronavirus pandemic affects the entire planet, countries respond to it in dispersed order. On RFI's social networks, Internet users testify.


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On the Instagram account @RFI , nearly 200 comments (very detailed) from subscribers describe the conditions of confinement imposed on them. So, when PatrickOTR explains that " the majority of the population in Brazil respects isolation measures while the president openly encourages things to continue normally so as not to affect the economy, " Aeanayab replies: " Same thing in Mexico where we have a very irresponsible president. The efforts are on the part of the citizens, not of the government. And Patrick to conclude: " Despite our irresponsible governments we must continue to believe in science and the specialists who tell us : " Isolating yourself now is the most prudent thing to do. " "

Baruense explains that “ in Panama, we are in total quarantine. Men can go out on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and ladies on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and no one can go out on Sundays. We can go out for two hours but it depends on the last number of the identity card. "

Not everyone agrees on the measures taken or applied in a country. So in Haiti, when Gaillardo says " our country has applied" CONTAINMENT "I am Haitian ", he is answered: " You're brave to say such a thing. I am in Haiti and apart from a few rare companies that close their doors, things continue to work normally. "

Camilaxolotl proudly explains: “ In Argentina, the president prioritized life and strengthened the health system to help the most vulnerable populations. In Iran, on the contrary, mohammad.r paints a grim picture of the situation: " In Iran, it is the poor who suffer most from the Covid-19 virus. They cannot stay at home because they need money. Our government is almost bankrupt. International sanctions have made the situation worse. For us, inflation is more frightening than the epidemic. "

"The government and the people are in tune"

An optimistic note comes to us from Quebec, in any case a sign of national concord emphasized by Monsieurlb: “ In Quebec the government receives a 95 % approval rate for its crisis management. Only essential businesses are open and will now be open only 6 days a week. Non-essential transportation between regions of Quebec is limited by roadblocks in order to limit contagion in the regions. It seems that we are one of the few places where the government and the public are in tune. "

This is not the feeling in the DRC, according to jpgauthierk: " The irresponsibility and incompetence of the authorities really feel. I'm afraid it will cost us our lives ; worse still the majority of the population still does not believe in the existence of the disease :-( !!!!

A man with a mask to protect himself from the coronavirus in South Africa. Reuters

The 400 comments left on the Facebook page of RFI , also rich in information, bring the same sounds. At my home in Angola a state of emergency has been declared. Alas, many Angolans on the spot seem not to take the pandemic seriously, not respecting the state of emergency including health recommendations ", laments Júlio Domingos G. A Facebook subscriber then asks him:" Is it that you are confined ? He replied: " Yes, the government has decreed containment, for example I stay at home, confined (to save my life, that of my family and of other citizens). "

A sense of responsibility among each of our subscribers worried about the personal measures to take in the face of the pandemic and it is often the “other” who is singled out. Carelessness, disrespect, ignorance?

According to Djiby Sam, “ in Senegal, measures are taken but absolutely not respected. We often ask ourselves the question if the population really feels concerned by the disease. "Or the improvisation told by Blas DM:" In Colorado in the United States, everyone does containment in their own way because the government has imposed nothing . "

"Take into account the reality of countries"

This long and well-argued response reflects the tendency of a strong African feeling towards the pandemic, it is Issaka MSL who expresses it: " It is true the pandemic is global and the health measures taken in the world and in particular in Africa do not differ too much from each other. At my place in Burkina Faso and like everywhere else in Africa, nothing is new, these are the same health standards decreed by the WHO. In addition to this, the various measures such as the establishment of a curfew are poorly applied. (...) It is unthinkable that we could tell someone to stay at home without any resources, that is to say to him to starve to avoid the spread of the virus. A true copy of the West, without accompanying measures cannot work. "

In the same vein, Vann K explains: “ Our leaders act like developed countries without however taking into account the reality of their countries. They decree a general confinement without accompanying measures so that the population lives on a daily basis, so it is hard for us who live in underdeveloped countries. "

With keen conscience and hope, Benjamin K would like: “ Africans follow the example of Germany. "

In Belo Horizonte in Brazil. Reuters

According to Dina Fab, " in Madagascar, there are two large confined cities, around fifty cases, and poorly respected containment measures. People go out, no doubt out of necessity. Urban crowding does not help. Ah yes, social networks have become an information dump. The virus has not yet claimed any victims, but unfortunately this has only just begun. "

A feeling that nevertheless pushes everyone to show solidarity, like Sultaana Jenna Yiriminzen: " In Côte d'Ivoire, awareness is in full swing , the curfew has been established, non-essential businesses have closed, the streets, the markets have started to be disinfected, work schedules have changed. In addition, in certain sectors, workers do a double shift to avoid finding themselves numerous in their work environments ... "Or Oumar Cissé:" We are all united against the pandemic in Mauritania, the curfew starts from 6 p.m. until 6am ! "

On the two Twitter accounts @RFI and @RFIAfrique, it is said not without pride and sense of responsibility by @ tuimel1: “ African States are fighting with the means they have, just for that they are to be congratulated. "And hope too:" Efforts must now focus on mass testing, in order to get treatment as soon as possible for cases tested positive. "

@YannickS explains: “ In Côte d'Ivoire, the authorities have now taken full account of the gravity of this pandemic and they have started to act to protect the population. Yesterday, the city of Abidjan began to be disinfected and important equipment arrived from abroad. "

When one reads @ Biagio1 one hears his cry which also resembles a prayer: " In Italy, we have been confined for several weeks, the situation is critical. We are afraid, but at the same time we are certain that all together, little by little, we will win this war. I wish it to my Country and to the whole world #AllTogether. "

Because becoming aware of the magnitude of the Covid-19 pandemic is often the main thing. So @Maria_F reminds us: “ In Australia, and specifically Melbourne, we are announcing stage 3 of the emergency plan (trying to force people to stay at home via a fine); no visible police. People don't seem to be too confused on the streets or in shopping malls. "

Here in Senegal, information concerning the pandemic is well conveyed. But the problem is that the Senegalese are very stubborn. There are some who do not believe in the disease, others do not respect the instructions decided by the head of state as well as the doctors. "

@Kalysk: “ The measures are well explained, but it is not easy to apply the methods for #Maliens, let alone those who do not believe in covid19. "

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