In Daegu and Gyeongbuk, there are several hospitals with confirmed group infections, but 11 people were infected at the Hansarang Hospital, which was already closed and quarantined, and 121 were confirmed. It is also questioned whether it is effective to close the whole hospital or psychiatric hospital that is vulnerable to internal infection.

I'm TBC Seo Eun-jin.


This is the Gyeongsan Seoyo Hospital, where the first confirmed patients occurred on the 19th.

Different people have different viral activation periods, and infections are coming late.

In order to prevent further infection, Gyeongsangbuk-do moved 33 patients from the fifth floor ward to the Sangju Red Cross Hospital in close contact with the hospital's first confirmed patient.

[Kim Young-Gil / Director of Health Policy Division, Gyeongsangbuk-do: 1 person per room, 2 patients per mild person are moved to a very safe place to manage patients so that no more positive confirmers will emerge.]

This is because it is believed that the cohort quarantine that blocks the entire hospital can prevent external spread, but is more vulnerable to internal infections.

However, the situation in Daegu, which has poor hospital conditions, is different.

At the Hansarang Medical Center in the cohort quarantine, 11 additional patients and employees were infected and the cumulative number of cases increased to 121.

In particular, although 134 confirmed patients poured out from the 2nd America's Hospital, a mental hospital, there is no room to move the patients in the cohort quarantine from the hospital.

[Sensor / Chairman of the Korean Society for Preventive Medicine: If entering into a controllable level of stabilization and becoming an acceptable state in the community, you may consider considering sequestering and managing suspected patients in a single room.]

It is urgent to prepare measures by the government and local governments so that the isolation of nursing homes, mental hospitals, and cohorts of high-risk patients is not another source of infection.

(Video coverage: Taeyoung Kim TBC)

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