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The weather application Dark Sky, better known in the United States, announced on Tuesday on its blog its acquisition by Apple. The platform has "a new home," said the statement. The latter also underlines "what will happen for [the] existing products" with a surprise at the end. The Android and Wear OS versions of Dark Sky are about to disappear.

On smartphones running these operating systems, "the app will no longer be available for download, we learned on the blog. The service for current users and subscribers will be maintained until July 1, 2020, when it will be closed. Subscribers still active on this date will be reimbursed ”.

No modification on the iOS version

On the same day, the Dark Sky website will stop providing forecasts, maps and content integration features. It will then be intended to help "clients of the iOS app and the programming interface". The latter does not accept more new registrations and "will continue to operate until the end of 2021", informs Dark Sky. Other application publishers will no longer be able to use Dark Sky in their products, notes The Verge .

The iOS version of the program now dubbed Dark Sky by Apple will not change, at least not "for now". It is still offered on the App Store of its new owner at a price of 3.99 dollars (around 3.60 euros). "Our goal has always been to provide the world with the best weather information possible, to help as many people as possible stay dry and safe and to do all of this in a privacy-friendly manner," said Dark Sky. There is no better place than Apple to achieve these goals. "


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