A man texted and called again for several months, asking the woman who had been dating to meet again. There are also days when over 500 texts are sent a day. A woman who couldn't stand it accused the man, but the prosecution decided there was no alleged crime that it was not threatening or fearful.

First is Min Kyung-ho.


A date with a civil servant A A woman in her 30s who broke up in May last year.

Mr. A's unilateral communication began around the time the relationship was organized.

See you again, if you don't listen, I've sent text bombs for months, including making an extreme choice, and it's been over 500 a day.

Even if I blocked Mr. A from the mobile messenger, I registered and contacted him several times, and he called Mr. B using the extension phone of other employees.

[Victim: (text message) I can't really count because I send ten or twenty short ones in a minute. So I'm afraid if the call comes to a number I still don't know. ]

He also called Mr. B to his home to imprison him for a gift and imprisoned him.

Mr. B, who could not stand, reported Mr. A, but the prosecution's disposal was a fine of 5 million won.

He admitted imprisonment, but did not prosecute the stalking text bomb for violating the Information and Communications Network Act.

In order to punish for alleged violations of the Information and Communications Network Act, the content of the provoking fear or anxiety must be included.

[Jin Hee Shin / Legal Aid Lawyer: The expression “I love you” is a very good word, but in some situations, it can be very violent. (Prosecutor) There is some regret that it was not judged by looking at the context.]

Even Mr. A's job was merely giving a lower warning than reprimands because of the prosecution's disposition.

(Video coverage: Jongsu Hong and Yongwoo Kim, video editing: Jongtae Kim)

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