During the night, at the St. Mary's Hospital in Uijeongbu, a patient in her 80s was finally confirmed by Corona19 and the ward was closed. This patient has been over a year since he was admitted to the hospital, so he had an emergency to determine the route of infection.

Reporter Ahn Sang-woo on the sidewalk.


Patient A, who was admitted to St. Mary's Hospital, Catholic University, was confirmed corona19 last night (30th).

82-year-old Mr. A, who has been receiving tuberculosis treatment in the single room on the 8th floor of the hospital since the 15th, was diagnosed with fever.

Uijeongbu City immediately closed the ward on the 8th floor when Mr. A was judged to be positive for Corona19.

Quarantine officials say Mr. A has been hospitalized in a single room for more than two weeks, and he is likely to have been infected at the hospital after hospitalization.

Because of this, we are conducting a thorough investigation of Mr. A's family and caregivers, as well as medical staff and other patients, because of concerns about group infection in the hospital.

In the second American Hospital of Daegu, more than 70 people were already infected, and 58 patients, including 53 patients and 5 workers, were confirmed.

So far, there have been only 133 confirmed patients, exceeding 120 confirmed patients at Daenam Hospital in Qingdao, the largest group infection in the region.

It has not been confirmed how the Corona19 virus was introduced into the 2nd America's Hospital, where most of the closed wards were located.

[Jung Eun-Kyung / Head of Central Defense Countermeasures: Because the rate of positivity in workers and the rate of positivity in patients are slightly different, it is considered to be a difficult situation to be regarded as a common infection caused by such a common air.]

Health officials estimate that the infection was caused by close contact with droplets.