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Tabacalera Promotion of Art gives the option to see all its samples from 2015 to today

These weeks we are experiencing one of the most complex situations that we have ever known when being forced to stay at home. However, and thanks to the technologies we have, confinement can make it more bearable. So much so that it is possible to 'go' even to an exhibition . That is the proposal of Tabacalera Promotion of Art, which offers virtual visits to all its exhibitions held since 2015 and until today.

These are the exhibitions currently scheduled:

'Tout is going well'

The first of them is Tout goes well , by Joan Rabascall . Curated by Berta Sichel, director of Bureau Phi Art, she presents a selection of almost 180 works created from 1964 to today. For the occasion, a new version of the 1991 work, Monument to Television , entitled Monument to Television after the catastrophe , the third work in this series, has been produced. The silkscreen Tout goes well , from which the title of the exhibition is inspired, is an appropriation of a page from Le Monde, where the 1972 film by Jean-Luc Godard was announced.

The title of this exhibition perfectly summarizes the essence of the artistic work of Rabascall, who, with a critical and ironic visual language, has reflected throughout his career on the great crisis of contemporary capitalist societies , in which the media mass communication have been responsible for transmitting messages of happiness to try to nullify thought and hide the great problems of our time to an idiotic humanity and overwhelmed by the image.

'Technical Images'

Technical Images , by Almudena Lobera , is an exhibition inspired by Japanese culture and architecture , the result of research carried out by the artist in the Japanese country during her residency in Tokas (Tokyo Arts & Space) in October and November 2018. This sample , curated by Marta Ramos-Yzquierdo and exhibited in the La Fragua room in Tabacalera, is a reflection on new technologies, tradition and the digitization of society to question the uses of language and image, and their transmission through the media technological and traditional.

The exhibition is presented as an opportunity to think about the new relationships and ways of understanding in our society, its past, its present and its future.

'Women photographers. A half-told story '

Women photographers. A half-told story is another of Tabacalera's Promotion of Art proposals. The exhibition has almost fifty photographic and audiovisual works by nine Spanish artists from different generations who use photography in their artistic processes from different perspectives: Esther Ferrer, Eva Lootz, Carmen Calvo, Isabel Muñoz, Ouka Leele, Vicky Méndiz, Carla Andrade, Bego Antón and Lua Ribeira.

In the words of Antonio Molina-Vázquez and Susana Blas, curators of the exhibition, "it is not just about claiming a space for women's thinking and contributions, but also recognizing that women's gaze is also universal and that it can to offer culture not only the feminine vision of the world, but that of all humanity ".

For the selection of the final pieces, three premises have been valued: that together they make a historical journey through different generations ; that each one of them incorporates a different approach in their way of understanding the photographic fact (conceptual, documentary, pictorial, performative, relational); and that they all represent the female body.

According to the criteria of

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