The website of the department notes that reusable masks can be reused only after processing.

It is reported that “at home, the mask should be washed with soap or detergent, then treated with a steam generator or iron with the function of supplying steam”, while “after processing the mask should not remain wet, so at the end it must be ironed with a hot iron, already without steam function. ”

The Rospotrebnadzor reminded that “masks are effective only in combination with other methods of prevention (avoiding contractions, frequent hand washing, disinfection of objects), and the need for their use is different in different groups of people and in different situations.”

It is emphasized that medical masks are primarily intended for those who are already sick, and the mask "must be worn by people who provide medical care and care for the sick."

“After two to three hours of constant use, the mask must be changed. Disposable medical masks made of non-woven material are not subject to reuse or any processing. At home, the used disposable medical mask must be placed in a separate bag, tightly closed, and only then thrown into the bin, ”the department added.

According to the latest data, 1,534 people are infected with coronavirus infection COVID-19 in Russia.

For a day in 26 regions of Russia revealed 270 cases of infection with coronavirus.