▲ Seoul subway users who are practicing social distance

The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced on the 30th that the number of passengers will be reduced by 1 hour from 1 am next month to 1 midnight from the 1st of next month.

This applies to all subways in Seoul, including Lines 1-9 and Wooi Shinseol.

According to the city, the number of visitors has decreased by 40.5% compared to the previous year for 23 days since the 23rd of last month when the 'serious' stage of the infectious disease crisis warning was issued.

In particular, after midnight, the average number of people per line of lines 1 to 8 at midnight hours was only 6.4.

The congestion rate of trains, which sees 100% when 160 passengers are on 1 train, was the highest at 13%, while the other lines were only 1-6%.

In addition, most of the top 3 history of late-night subway users on the 16th to 20th when social distance was implemented were mostly colleges and entertainment facilities such as Gangnam, Hongik University and Konkuk University.

The city decided that the major factors in the use of the late-night subway would be indispensable for leisure, and the social loss caused by shorter travel than the nightlife.

Moreover, the city's position is that the short-term operation of the subway will provide more time for prevention and prevention of corona19.

The city plans to operate buses and taxis, such as late-night owl buses, without the subway, as it is now.

"It is a very important time to further strengthen social distance," said Hwang Bo-yeon, head of the city transport department of Seoul. "We will secure citizens' safety and health through a sustainable safety and quarantine system."

(Photo = Yonhap News)