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This is the beginning of the news of Go Hyun-jun, who delivers the best news. What is your first news today (30th)?

<Hyunjun Go / Critic of Criticism>

A fox, an endangered wild animal, appeared in downtown Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province.

The western fire department in Cheongju said yesterday that around 9:00 am, a report was received that a fox appeared near a shopping mall in Cheongju.

The 119 rescuers who came to the scene tried to catch it using a net and failed, but at 7:40 pm they received a second report that a fox appeared in the parking lot of a nearby apartment, and re-started. Turned over to the circle.

In view of the lack of a transmitter on the neck, Bo-seon said that the red fox, an endangered species, was right, and that it was estimated that the fox discovered in Sejong had just moved.

Earlier, on the 24th, a fox was found on a peach farm in Sejong City, but the fox can travel more than 15km per day, and Sejong City and Cheongju City are attached, so it is highly likely that they are the same individual.

The fox, designated as the first class of endangered wildlife by the Ministry of Environment, inhabited the entire Korean peninsula except Jeju and Ulleungdo in the past, but has disappeared in South Korea since the 1980s, and is currently restoring in Sobaeksan National Park.


I hope that you will not come down to the private house in the future and have many descendants on the mountain and live well. Please tell me the next news.

<Hyunjun Go / Critic of Criticism>

As for the next news, as the corona 19 confirmers' movement was released, so-called exemplary confirmers were attracting attention.

The corona 19 confirmer's movement, which was unveiled on the 19th in Songpa-gu, Seoul, has been attracting attention as it has moved up and down in various online communities.

After visiting the UK, the patient, who arrived through Incheon International Airport on the 15th, stayed home until the 17th when she had symptoms such as coughing the following afternoon.

On the 18th, I went to a screening clinic, tested, and stopped by a fruit vendor near my home.

What's impressive is that I visited a screening clinic and went home, wearing masks as well as face shields used by medical staff all the way home. I didn't use elevators or public transport, and walked about 30-40 minutes on foot.

It's a guess of how thorough efforts have been made to avoid contact with others, and the netizens praised them for their thoughts and actions that consider others.

Despite the symptoms of corona19, there were not many responses that violated the self-containment guidelines and compared with some confirmed patients who went out.


The same is true for others, but I hope these people will get better sooner. Please tell me the next news.

<Hyunjun Go / Critic of Criticism>

The next news was that the court judged that it was justifiable to use the criteria for naturalization as to whether or not foreigners wishing to naturalize in Korea could call the national anthem.

The Seoul Administrative Court ruled that the plaintiff was defeated in a lawsuit filed by Foreigner A against the Ministry of Justice to revoke the disallowed disposition for nationality.

Mr. A applied for naturalization in 2017, but at the time of the interview, he was evaluated for nonconformity in an item such as the national anthem, and naturalization was not allowed.

The naturalization process is divided into a comprehensive evaluation and an interview, and in the case of an interview, it evaluates whether applicants can speak and understand Korean, and whether they can sing the national anthem.

The judiciary has objective and rationality as a basis for judging the basic requirements to be met by Korean citizens, such as Korean language ability, according to the content of individual judging items. It seems that it seems.

In 2014, a Chinese lawsuit was filed stating that it was not justifiable to deny naturalization for failing to call the national anthem. At the time, the court ruled that the disposition of the Justice Department was legal.