We continue for another week facing the coronavirus, the biggest threat to Europe since the 1918 flu and the appearance of reggaeton. The damned virus spreads inexorably and half the world is already in quarantine. To make it more enjoyable, Bob Dylan has released a 17-minute song.

First you discovered that you were not the center of the Universe. After you come from the monkey. Now a tiny bug has made you spend a month locked up with your mother-in-law.

The situation is serious. Pérez Reverte has started to pull the agenda and has told in dozens of tweets what each of his brilliant interlocutors has been good to tell him. Conversations with people as varied as Vargas Llosa, Jordi Evole, José María García, Manuel Jabois ... but nobody like Raúl Cimas:

As I said at the beginning, Europe is facing what is perhaps the greatest crisis in its history. And once again, it is not measuring up.

I think the Dutch have not yet forgiven Iniesta's goal. The government tries to deal with the chaos, looking for material everywhere. And sometimes, that material turns out not to be of very good quality, like the defective tests that he had to return the other day:

These are hard times, and it is appreciated that there are people like this local police officer from Noreña who strive every day to encourage their neighbors in this way:

We are all thinking about what we will do when this nightmare ends:

With so much free time, we have the opportunity to dive into the past and we find jewels like this:

There are generations that are better prepared than others to withstand confinement:

They say that after all this we will all become someone else. Pablo Casado has already set to work:

Even people who do not exist appear. Yes, friends, we no longer have enough with the hoaxes and the fake news, this week a fake journalist has also appeared, "Miguel Lacambra", surely you have heard of him.

In the end, he was neither a journalist nor was his name Miguel. It turned out to be an Asturian engineer and poet who works for Santander, and who has had us entertaining. In any case, he will be screwed, like everyone:

In short, lots of encouragement and we will keep the good:

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