There was a public service worker who handed this personal information to Jo Joo-bin, and we both reported alone that they had simulated the murder of a girl. I posted a petition to the Blue House to release the new image.

Reporter Min Kyung-ho will deliver detailed information.


A child's mother, A, posted on the Blue House petition bulletin board asking for the release of Mr. Kang's message, beginning with the words, "The past years were anxiety and fear that will not end until death."

He said he was Kang's homeroom teacher in the past and frequently consulted with Kang, who had not been able to get along well with his friends.

However, Mr. Kang insisted that he was too obsessed with himself and kept the distance, and that threats began.

Kang, who dropped out of school, came looking for himself with a weapon, leaving a graffiti on his family's resident number and murder in the apartment hallway, and continued to threaten him by text and phone.

Mr. Kang, who couldn't stand, sued Mr. Kang, who served in prison for a year and two months and started retaliating against Mr. A since March last year.

Mr. A changed his name, cell phone number, and social security number to work place, but Mr. Kang, who served as a public service worker at the ward office immediately after leaving the office, understood Mr. A's personal information.

The threat of harming Mr. A's daughter through social media continued, and police investigation revealed that Jo Joo-bin passed 4 million won to ask Mr. Jo's murder.

More than 300,000 citizens agreed in Mr. A's writing, which ended with the words, "I want to live a normal and happy life in a safe country."