Governor Lee Jae-myeong said on the 29th, to former Professor Chung Joong-kwon of Dongyang University, "Please stop hunting and human rights violations against the former Minister of Justice of his country."

In an article posted on Facebook on the 29th, Lee said, "I can't deny that Mr. Cho was brutally attacked and witch-hunted during the prosecution investigation."

This is a form of refutation of Prof. Jin's statement on the 27th, saying, "(I haven't spoken about Cho and his wife, Jeong Kyung-Shim).

He said, "I don't know where you heard it, but Professor Jin's claim that there was something more unscrupulous without specific grounds is an extension of witch hunting and human rights violations."

He also said, "The truth related to Cho is unknown to Professor Jin, and the court will judge whether or not he is guilty. Even aside from the principle of estimating innocence, even the vicious criminal has the minimum human rights guaranteed by the Constitution."

Prof. Jin said, "If the Democratic Party wins significantly in this general election, and the patriots of the Motherland join the Democratic Party, a lottery movement of the Motherland may occur." What are you saying about discussing possible lottery tickets only after the sentence is confirmed in the fierce courtroom? "

The governor said, "It is very uncomfortable for Professor Jin, who seems to be kicking at a fallen person," and said, "I can't erase the feeling of being chased by something, but I hope that if I focus on my work and attack someone, I will not cross the line." I did highly. The governor's advocacy of Governor Lee's advocate commented on the suspicion of the allegations and controversy surrounding the presidency of Cho's candidate in August last year. It is the first time after revealing through Facebook.

(Photo = Yonhap News)