As much as this kind of group activity, the government is also very cautious. During the period of self-containment, they are free to go around at their own discretion. Recently, it has been revealed that some overseas immigrants went to bars and screen golf courses before the results of inspections in Busan and Suwon, Gyeonggi Province.

Reporter Kim Hyeong-rae.


A German student in his 20s, who was confirmed in Busan, went to school, restaurants, and taverns freely for three days before the confirmation.

Busan City recommended autonomous quarantine for two weeks, but did not follow it.

The result of the decision on the 26th came out as 'undecided' and requested self-containment again, but this was also ignored.

Even in Suwon, Gyeonggi Province, a 30-year-old British male B, who arrived in Thailand on the 20th, made contact with 23 people in 4 cities without masks before being confirmed.

Mr. B also ignored the recommendation to self-contain and visited the screen golf course the day after the inspection.

In Mokpo-si, Jeollanam-do, a Korean man in his 20s who stayed in Thailand for more than two months went through restaurants, cafes, and PC rooms and was confirmed.

[Lee Sang-nam / Yangcheon-gu, Seoul: The country also makes recommendations, and it is of course a responsibility to keep. I think we should take action even legally.]

[Park Neung-Hoo / Ministry of Health and Welfare: There are some cases in which foreign residents who have recently arrived from abroad have violated self-containment measures, and we emphasize that they have violated their obligations as a member of our society.]

The Ministry of Justice has launched an investigation into the possibility of deportation against British B.