In this way, some churches are experiencing collective infections, but there are still quite a few places where they practice field worship. A case in point is Pastor Kwang-hoon Jeon, the pastor's pastor, Sarangjeil Church, in violation of the order to ban the assembly and yesterday (29th).

Reporter Ahn Hee-jae on the sidewalk.


The hymns chanting hymns filled the alley with a sign saying 'in worship'.

This is yesterday of the Sarangje Church in Seoul, led by Pastor Kwang-Hoon Jeon, who was arrested. Last week, an order to ban the meeting was issued in violation of the quarantine guidelines, but he performed field service without regard to this.

Even outsiders, including reporters, were roughly blocked.

[Seoul Sarangje Church official: Go! end! end! Don't disturb, go, XX!]

Seoul's action to ban on-site worship by the 5th of next month was criticized as saying that it was a disturbing force.

[Let all these powers fall before God, and I believe that God who will interfere with worship will judge! (Amen!)]

The church members also cheered for continued field worship.

[We have overcome religious oppression! (Hallelujah!)]

Seoul Metropolitan Government said it would prosecute criminals as well as church officials.

Some large churches are also conducting field services, and residents are complaining of anxiety.

[Yoo Seong-suk / Oryu 1-dong Residents' Association: Isn't there a case (group infection) even in the case of Manmin Church? If it's a problem, it's a neighborhood, but it's also a big loss for the country. .]

As the cases of group infections related to the church continue, the conflict surrounding the church that conducts field worship will continue to grow.