Minecraft, the world's best-selling video game. Recently, a suspicious library was created in Minecraft, making it a hot topic. It is the 'Uncensored Library' created by the Reporters Without Borders. There are about 200 books in this library, all of which are censored around the world and are no longer visible. And among the journalists who wrote the articles, there were journalists who were imprisoned, expelled from the country, and even killed. Reporters Without Borders reportedly created a library of censored articles for the freedom of the world's media. In particular, Minecraft can be played in countries that censored articles like this, so anyone can see the censored articles at any time. Free speech in the game. Meet with video.

Responsible Producer Hyeon-jong Ha / Producer Lee Arita / Composition Nam Young-ju / Editorial Hye-soo Jeong / Intern Lee Su-bin

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