• Xiaomi presents (again) its Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro, two routers, a TV and an air purifier
  • Xiaomi TVs that cost 179 euros are already sold in Spain

Xiaomi is a company recognized for making products at a very low cost that then give a more than decent performance, whether they are mobile, dishwasher or mopeds, as is the case of its last great announcement.

In China, urban mobility is a headache for the regime, which sees cars pollute a lot and there is not a large public transport infrastructure in all areas, so they have turned to products such as scooters and mopeds electrical.

That's where the Xiaomi 70mai A1 and A1 Pro come in, the two new models that will arrive in the Chinese market in May and that have a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour, a price of less than 400 euros and a range of 60 kilometers in the case of the first and 70 kilometers in the case of the second.

If the name of the bikes seems strange to you, it is because '70mai' is a brand subordinated to Xiaomi that operates in China with some independence, but which is part of the company's so-called 'Ecosystem Mi'. It could be said that it is the Xiaomi vehicle subsidiary in China and that, when its products reach the West, they do so under the main brand so as not to lead to confusion.

The rest of the relevant characteristics would be: the interchangeable battery of between 60 and 70 kilometers of autonomy, the weight of 52 kg (holds up to 125 kilograms, so they are very light) and the ability to play music or give directions through the screen integrated in its handlebar.

It is not clear that these mopeds are going to make the leap to the rest of the world, but their speed and capacity would allow them to circulate within the current legislation in Spain. The DGT determines that mopeds must have a maximum speed of 25 km / h to circulate on the roads of our country.

If they do, hopefully they will also maintain the price: in China it is possible to get the cheapest model for 383 euros (2,990 yuan), although its final price without offer would be 473 euros. The top model can be purchased for 511 euros entry and 600 once the week of launch has passed.

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