The popular video calling app Zoom stops sending user data to Facebook, Motherboard writes. Zoom has released an update to its iOS app that stops certain data from being sent to Facebook.

Earlier this week, research by Motherboard found that Zoom sent user data to Facebook, even if users do not have a Facebook account. The company was not transparent about this to users.

Zoom, like many other apps, uses Facebook's software kits (SDK) to more easily implement features in the app. This also has the effect of sending information to Facebook.

For example, the Zoom app notified Facebook when the user opens the app, providing details about the user's device, such as the model, time zone, and city from which they connect and which phone company they use. The app also sent an ID that companies can use to send targeted ads to the user.

"We will remove the Facebook SDK and reconfigure the feature so that users can still log in to Facebook through their browser," a Zoom spokesperson said in a statement. "Users should update the app to the latest version as it becomes available for these changes to take effect. We sincerely apologize and remain committed to protecting our users' data."