Digital sex crimes have been difficult to punish, mainly because they use overseas servers. As a result, most of the victims often endured the pain, but the victims are courage again after the arrest of Jo Joo-bin in the n-room case.

I am reporter Cho Yun-ha.


When asked, 'Did you tell the parents about the damage,' the advice of 'I was scared but it's better to talk' comes from the chat room.

These are victims of 'intelligence' crimes that put women's photos on a specific account and sexually insult them.

More than half of the 54 people in the chat room are underage.

[Mr. A / 'Intellectual Insult' Victim: I'm worried that some people think that this article is really about me… .]

I tried to punish the perpetrators, but the answers that came back were similar.

[Mr. B / Victim of 'Intellectual Desire': (police) Tumbler is an American site, so I can't trace it ... .]

As a result, even if the damage was repeated, I had no choice but to forget.

[Mr. A / Victim of Intellectual Insults: I also recently found a post that has been posted for several years. I have forcibly erased memories at that time ... .]

However, in the case of Room n, the government again showed courage to express its strong will to eradicate digital sex crimes.

Meaningful victims have also raised public petitions for the punishment of the assailants and gathered evidence together to demand investigation.

[A / Victim of 'Intellectual Desire': I'm actively going out with the hope that I will be able to catch it because of the n-room incident.]

Fifteen of the 54 victims gathered in the chat room have already reported to the police, and all will be filed by next week.

[Yoo Seung-jin / Chief of the Korea Cyber ​​Sexual Violence Response Center: It is necessary for the police to show the victims more actively by conducting an investigation with voices of support and solidarity.

(Video coverage: Park Dae-young · Lee Yong-han, video editing: Yumira)