The number of people infected with Manmin Central Church in Guro 3-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul, has increased to at least 12 people.

The quarantine authorities are conducting epidemiological investigations not only in this church's main hall, but also in the pastor's residence in Sindaebang 2-dong, Dongjak-gu, neighboring church villas and church offices, and related facilities, United Holiness Theological Seminary.

There are approximately 300 people classified as contact persons.

Dongjak-gu, Seoul, said Choi Mo, a female pastor in her 50s working at Manmin Central Church, was confirmed by corona19 this morning (28th).

The confirmed Rev. Choi is managed as patient 17 of Dongjak-gu.

A woman in this church and a woman in her 50s living in Sindaebang 2-dong was confirmed this morning as patient 19 of Dongjak-gu.

In addition, a 53-year-old woman living in Soha-dong, Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do was confirmed today as a patient with a number 7 patient.

The patient was self-contained after his husband attending Manmin Central Church (Kwangmyeong Citizen, 51, prosecutor in Guro-gu, Seoul) was confirmed yesterday.

Guro-gu said this morning that four people, including one other resident of the city, were notified of a positive decision.

The members of Manmin Central Church in Guro-gu confirmed this morning are 49-year-old men (Guro-gu 27 times) and 44-year-old men (〃 28) and 47-year-old women (〃 29) living in Guro-dong.

Guro-gu has visited Manmin Central Church on the 22nd. We are conducting a full screening for Korea.

Of these, 197 were examined yesterday (27 days) or 42 days earlier, 42 were tested this morning.

The remaining seven will be screened at the Guro-gu Screening Clinic this afternoon.

Guro-gu set up a temporary screening clinic in front of the church, and then withdrew at 1 PM.

Dongjak-gu inspected 20 people living in church houses and villas, and among them, 19, except Pastor Choi, said they had a negative decision.

Dongjak-gu plans to inspect all 19 employees of the Yonhap Seminary School, a church-related facility in Sindaebang 2-dong.

Prior to this, Manmin Central Church-related confirmed patients include patient 6 of Geumcheon-gu and his wife, patient 7 (33 years old, confirmed on 26th), patient of mother 7 and patient-in-law of Guro-gu, patient 24, who lives in Garibong-dong, 58 Three women, confirmed on the 26th).

Other church members such as Geumcheon-gu patient number 8 (Doksan 3-dong, actual residence, Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do, 55-year-old male, confirmed on 27 days) and patient 21 Yeongdeungpo-gu (resident in Daelim 3-dong, 44-year-old male, confirmed on 27 days) Employees were confirmed.

The quarantine authorities identified 11 co-workers who contacted Geumcheon-gu's patient at the workplace office on the 5th floor of the SK Twin Tower at Gasan Digital Complex and self-contained.

As a result, at least 12 people with coronal 19 confirmed cases related to Manmin Central Church were identified.

Pastor Lee Soo-jin, chairman of the chairman of the Manmin Central Church, is said to have been tested with the sisters and to have been judged negative.

Pastor Soo-jin Lee is the daughter of Pastor Jaerock Lee and acts as chairman of the chairman instead of his imprisoned father.