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Mayor Kwon Young-jin, after the Daegu City Council's plenary session yesterday (26th), was in the process of coming out of the conference hall, and the city collapsed while complaining of dizziness. Mayor Kwon was transferred to the hospital and is currently admitted to Kyungpook National University Hospital. He is complaining of symptoms such as dizziness, vomiting, and tremors, and is also said to have been diagnosed with Corona19. As the Kwon Mayor's fainting case became a hot topic, some people were able to reconsider the situation when Kwon fell down during a roaring with Siman during the 2018 Daegu mayoral election. Daegu City said that Kwon Mayor recently commanded the Corona 19 incident and was in poor health due to overwork, but it is true that some have doubts about Kwon's intentions. The video mug looked at the postwar situation at the time when Mayor Kwon collapsed. The video mug will show you why you had a war with a city councilor, what was the moment of fainting, and what was the situation of Kwon Kwon.