Cho Joo-bin, caught by spreading sexual exploitation videos on telegrams, has been receiving criminal proceeds as cryptocurrency to avoid the pursuit of investigative authorities. When trading this cryptocurrency, it turned out to have used a car name account in the name of a minor victim.

Reporter Jeong Ban-seok.


Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Monero.

These are the virtual currencies that Jo Joo-bin received as the admission fee for the so-called 'Dr.

Cho confirmed that the account for the admission fee, or 'wallet', was made under the name of a minor victim.

It wasn't enough to intimidate victims to shoot sexual exploits, so they used the personal information of a minor victim to create a criminal profit window.

Mr. Cho made a wallet in the name of Dr. Amo, the doctor's office. Mr. Lee is an accomplice who has delivered the crime proceeds to Mr. Cho.

In addition to this kind of bank account, Mr. Cho also posted a fake wallet address found on the Internet to Telegram.

It is solved with the intention of hiding one's identity and confused the investigation.

The situation in which Mr. Cho washed the deposited cryptocurrency several times was also identified.

SBS tracked the flow of funds from blockchain security companies and PhD wallets, revealing that a high level of money laundering was done.

[Patrick Kim / Uppsala Security Representative: There are even a few thousand distributed distributions per wallet, and since it is mixing and tumbling, it is a money laundering method. The distributed funds are now mixed with the funds deposited by others.]

Prosecutors are considering how to confiscate or collect all of the criminal profits that Mr. Cho collected from the cryptocurrency.