In addition, court testimony that former Deputy Justice Lee Soo-jin, candidate for the Democratic Party's April 15th election, helped promote the Court of Appeals as the former Supreme Court Justice Yang Seung-tae.

In response, former chief judge Soo-Jin Lee refused to accept the request, arranging some meetings, and countered the intention to oppose the Supreme Court.

Yesterday (28th), the former Seoul Supreme Court Justice Lee Gyu-jin, a former member of the sentencing committee, was witnessed during a trial hearing held at the Seoul Central District Court's 35th Criminal Agreement (President Nam Chun Park) at the hearing, and testified to the former chief judge .

On April 2, 2015, a former standing committee member testified at a Japanese restaurant in Seoul that he had met with former lawmaker Seo Ki-ho and had a meal for about two hours at the presidency of Lee.

The former standing committee member said that he was asked by former chief of the court administration of Park Byung-dae to contact lawmakers Seo Ki-ho and Seo Young-kyo, and then asked former judge Judge Soo-jin Lee, who was a Supreme Court justice.

Lee said, "I asked Researcher Soo-Jin Lee 'Isn't you familiar with Seo Ki-ho?' That's why I asked you to help me build a bridge when I needed help with the Supreme Court."

When the prosecutor asked, "Have you convinced the court that you need a court of appeals on the spot?"

After the meal, the former standing committee member stated that he had written a document called ‘Speaker Seo Ki-ho’ and sent it to the former judge.

When such testimony was released, former chief judge Lee Soo-jin responded to the statement that "correct the facts".

"I was against the Supreme Court, but I could not refuse until the senior asked me to coordinate my meeting, so I informed the former lawmakers of the purpose of the interview," said Lee. The story of Daehan went only between former lawmaker Seo and Lee's permanent standing committee. "

In addition, he asserted that, while the former standing committee member left the office for a while, he said to the former lawmakers, saying, "I was opposed to the Supreme Court, but I had to make room for my seniors and seniors."

The former chief judge said in an e-mail sent by the former standing committee member, "There was no reason to examine the content and did not respond to any kind because the position against the court was clear."

Former Judge Lee Soo-jin, one of the personnel recruited by the Democratic Party ahead of the April 15th general election, ran for Seoul in Dongjak.

When the former Democratic Party recruited the former vice chief judge, he said, "I am a small-scale judge who has been leading the way in judicial reform by opposing the Supreme Court, and is one of the victims of the judiciary group listed on the justice blacklist prepared by the court administration of Yang Seung-tae."

However, after that, the fact that the former chief judge was not included in the blacklist revealed that the lies were controversial.