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The presentation of the new P40 smartphones was an opportunity for the Chinese manufacturer to reveal a little more about its survival strategy without the services of Google, especially with regard to the default search engine. If many expected Huawei to announce the arrival of its own service on smartphones bound for Europe, it was not. The manufacturer has opted for another strategy: to offer search engines made in Europe, different depending on the country.

Thus, in France, Italy and Germany, future owners of a P40, P40 Pro or a P40 Pro Plus will benefit from the French search engine Qwant. A smart choice for Huawei since Qwant is known to respect the privacy of its users. The manufacturer, accused by the United States of spying on its users on behalf of China, will thus benefit in a certain way from the aura of the French start-up.

A great opportunity for Qwant

For Qwant, partnering with the second largest seller of smartphones in the world is a golden opportunity to gain notoriety, especially abroad. With a partnership of several years, Huawei and Qwant are expected to unveil new projects in the coming months. There is also talk that the Qwant Maps mapping application, which is still in beta, is integrated into the smartphone.

In reality, owners will still be able to choose Google as their search engine, but they will have to make the change. Because Qwant will be the default choice on first use.


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Huawei Search, the search engine that is about to replace Google

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