In Manmin Central Church in Seoul, 12 people, from pastors to church staff and members, were infected with Corona 19. A patient came out of the same church members in Jeonnam, and we are investigating whether they are related. Tomorrow (29th), some churches will gather and worship, but officials plan to visit each of those churches.

Reporter Jeong Ban-seok.


The main gate of Manmin Central Church in Guro-gu, Seoul was closed.

At least 12 people, including this pastor, church member, and family, have been confirmed and closed since yesterday.

Starting from a 40-year-old church member working on the church on the 25th, six people were confirmed until yesterday and sixty pastors today.

The health authorities inspected over 240 suspected contacts and closed the underground prayer room at Dongjak-gu villa, where members lived.

Also, on the 5th, about 70 people from Seoul visited the 20th anniversary event of the Manmin Central Church in Muan, Jeonnam, and are conducting an epidemiological investigation.

[Kwon Joon-wook / Deputy Head of Central Defense Countermeasures Headquarters: In Manmin Central Church in Muan, a couple has been identified as patients… It is understood that the occurrence period is similar to each other.]

Although the group infections of religious facilities are repeated, some large churches are also conducting field services tomorrow.

Rev. Kwang-hoon Jeon, the arrested pastor of Sarang Cheil Church, said he violated the quarantine guidelines and continued on-site worship even though the meeting was banned until the 5th of next month.

[Sarang First Church official: (Regarding the order to ban meetings ...) Go, just go. I have nothing to answer ... .]

The Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to conduct a field inspection tomorrow, focusing on 282 churches and large churches that have violated preventive measures last week, including Sarang Cheil Church.

(Video coverage: Choi Woong, Video editing: Park Ji-in)