I have said many times that these places of concern are hospitals and nursing homes, but 75 other groups were confirmed in the third day at the 2nd Americas Hospital, a specialty psychiatric hospital in Daegu. Daegu City decided to inspect the entire mental hospital in the area.

I am TBC Park Jung-Jae.


After being confirmed by Corona 19, the inpatients of the 2nd Americas Hospital arrive on the bus one after another.

Following the transfer of 32 patients to Daegu Medical Center until the night of the 27th, 12 more were transferred to Daegu Medical Center today, 17 to the Sangju Red Cross Hospital, and the remaining 14 to the National Mental Health Center in Seoul.

[Confirmed patient transfer officials: As they are mental hospital patients, a patrol car is escorted in front of them… This is said to be accompanied by a hospital staff member.]

However, there are still more than 200 inpatients in the 2nd America's Hospital, so there are still concerns about further infection.

The quarantine authority cohorts all of the 2nd Americas Hospital and monitors patients and staff who have received negative judgments.

In addition, it analyzes CCTVs in hospital entrance and entry and exit records to investigate infection routes.

Daegu City explained that it was an inevitable choice due to limited resources and manpower for pointing out that only the employees were diagnosed and tested to increase anger.

[Kim Jong-yeon / Deputy Director of Infectious Disease Management Support Group in Daegu City: The investigation of the nursing facility was ongoing. In the situation where the number of inspection personnel is limited, there is a pity in the part where the investigation and the number of patients and workers at the 2nd American Hospital were not conducted at that time.]

Daegu City plans to conduct a diagnostic examination of 17 local mental hospitals and about 2,200 patients, and re-examine twice a week for nursing homes.

(Video coverage: Sangho Lee TBC)