Lime Asset Management 'two officials who were known to help escape the former vice president, Lee Jong-pil, were present in court today (28th) for a warrant review.

Han Mo and Seong Mo, who were arrested at the prosecution yesterday for the crime of escape, arrived at the Seoul Southern District Court at about 1:30 during the day.

They did not answer any questions from reporters asking what they had to do with Lee's former vice president and who accused him of helping him escape, and then headed to the court where the interrogation was held.

Former Vice President Lee has been absent in November of last year and is still running away.

At the time, the former vice president was found to be involved in charges of embezzling 80 billion won by the lead management of KOSDAQ listed companies, but was asked for a warrant for arrest, but went to the warrant without attending the warrant.

Later, as prosecutors expanded the investigation into the Lime incident, Lee had additionally caught charges of driving the fund's insolvency.

The new recruit of the former vice president was not secured.