Schools at various levels are scheduled to be held on April 6th, the following Monday, and the government is pulling the strands to push it back. Today (28th), the prime minister and the superintendents had a meeting, but in the current situation, there were many opinions that school was impossible. The final decision is likely to be made in four days.

Today's first news is reporter Heejin Choi.


Prime Minister Chung Se-gyun presented three conditions as a prerequisite for the opening of April 6th.
First of all, it is necessary to significantly reduce the risk of corona19 transmission, and the school must be fully prepared and have the consent of parents and the educational community.

The problem is that the current situation is difficult to meet these conditions.

[Jung Se-Kyun / Prime Minister: It is true that there are still concerns about the opening of April 6th. We will conclude at the beginning of next week under the principle of considering the safety of children as a top priority.]

The number of new confirmed cases in Korea still remains around 100, and 14.6% of confirmed cases are still infected.

This means that the risk of corona19 spreading to the community is still not low.
The lack of preparation in front-line schools is still unresolved.

[Eun-Kyung Jung / Director of Disease Management Division: How do you create an environment at the school level? I think this is not an easy task. This is not a problem that can be solved with a single thermal imaging camera.]

In response to these concerns, the Medical Association issued a recommendation against the opening of school on April 6, saying, "It can be a trigger for the spread of community infection." Even among the superintendents attending today's conference, the opening of school on April 6 is unreasonable. It is said to have been dominant.

(Video coverage: Jung Sung-hwa, Video editing: Sung-hoon Jeong)