Businesses from home and abroad are participating in the campaign to 'put the social distance' around the world with plump ideas.

For McDonald's, a global fast food chain that first started to set off streets in some stores in the U.S., banning in-store meals, McDonald's Brazil posted a profile picture of the center part of the logo 'M' in local time on the 20th.

The car brands Volkswagen and Audi have also modified their logos to create their own campaign footage that emphasizes physical distance. They also put together the logos that had been floated together to convey the meaning of 'only with the heart'.

Nike and Coca-Cola each participated in the campaign through writing.

Nike delivered the message, "Play inside, play for the world," and Coca-Cola "Staying apart is the best way to stay united." .

Korean companies are also actively campaigning using SNS.

Daum, the portal site, had the spelling of 'Daum' in the official portal main, and put the words 'Let's see you next!', And leisure platform Yanolja wit 'nolja after ya' Showed.

Consumers also respond positively to their ingenuity and purpose, and are at a glance with 'Social Street' to prevent the global spread of Corona 19.

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(Photo = McDonald's · Audi Facebook / Volkswagen News YouTube / Next homepage capture / Yanolja Instagram)