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" Miguel Lacambra does not exist , I am a normal person who wants to preserve his privacy like so many others on Twitter." This is one of the messages that can be read when entering the profile of Lacambra, one of the most popular on the bird's social network in the last hours.

It all started this Thursday when his name became a trending topic . Many users started looking for more information, who was Miguel Lacambra and why was he trending?

Going to his profile on this social network, some data could be read: "Journalist. Economy and politics." In addition, he accumulated more than 15,000 followers on Twitter despite the fact that his account was barely a few days old . Something, at least, strange, must have thought many users rushing to investigate more.

His messages always revolved around the analysis of data related to the evolution of the coronavirus in Spain. Always treating the government's management in a very positive way . Among them stands out a text, written in the digital medium La Marea , where he talks about the relationship between the manifestation of 8-M and the spread of the pandemic.

After several inquiries, several were the Internet users who pointed out that it was a person who did not exist: "A fake pro-Government account": "How many Miguel Lacambra will have left Iván Redondo's factory" or "The left looking for validation" , are some of the tweets that could be read.

At that time, Miguel Lacambra's Twitter account disappeared, thus fueling suspicions. While La Marea published a statement explaining that it was "a pseudonym".

After several hours, the profile of Lacambra reappeared to respond to the attacks. And at that moment it was when he clarified that "Miguel Lacambra does not exist".

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