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Created in Nerja by two Canadian journalists, it is one of the most famous games in the world

With nearly 90 million copies sold in almost 30 countries and in 17 different languages, the Trivial Pursuit, a question and answer game, is one of the most popular in the world. Those responsible for its creation were the Canadian sports journalists Scott Abbot and Chris Haney . Although the original idea was born in 1979, the project did not come to light until three years later, when it was presented at the New York International Toy Fair.

The board is made up of squares that form a six-spoke wheel. Each cell has the color of the type of question to be answered if it falls : blue, Geography; brown, Art and Literature; yellow, History; pink, Shows; green, Science and Nature and orange, Sports and Hobbies. Each player has a cheese-shaped token and, with the help of the dice, moves around the board: if he hits, he rolls again; if it fails, it is a turn. The purpose is to answer the question in the special box of each color (and thus get its corresponding cheese) and return to the center of the board for the final question, chosen by the other players.

What you did not know about the Trivial ...

The original story behind this game is that it was conceived in Nerja (apparently, the form of the tile is inspired by the Reola of the wonderful Balcony of Europe in the Malaga town), where its creators stayed for months. As they say, each game includes a question about it: "Where was the Trivial invented?" . The correct answer is Nerja! But we have not seen it ...

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What: Trivial Pursuit. Who: Scott Abbott and Chris Haney. Year: 1979. Type: General Culture.

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