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Watching the latest Netflix or Disney + releases is fine (we all need a little distraction these days) but quarantine can also be a perfect time to learn new skills for both the little ones in the house and for the older ones and a good skill for Learning when we are at home in front of the computer is, of course, programming.

Is easier than it looks like. In recent years, and due to the shortage of programmers around the world, many websites and organizations have created easy-to-follow interactive courses that can teach the basics in a few hours and with the advantage of being able to see the results of the different exercises in real time.

These seven websites offer free courses with different levels of depth with which it is possible to take the first steps in creating websites and applications.


One of the best known and veteran websites for free programming instruction for some highly demanded languages, such as Javascript. It offers advanced paid courses but the basic lessons are a good starting point, they are free and available in Spanish. It also allows you to specialize by fields of professional interest rather than simply by language.


The most attractive thing about this website is in its own name. It offers completely free programming courses and is also officially certified in some key technical areas such as data visualization or adaptable web design. The courses are in English but they are simple and have been structured so that you can progress little by little each day. Include exercises and tests at the end of each topic.

Learn X in Y minutes

This collaborative website is designed especially for people who already have basic notions of programming in one language but want to learn another. He doesn't beat around the bush or explain more than necessary, but sometimes that's the best way to start learning: jump into the pool and try to stay afloat. There are many programming languages, but not all are in Spanish.


This online programming school is in Spanish and has free basic programming courses to get started and paid for when you want to dig deeper. They don't just teach programming. There are also marketing or design courses, for example.

Swift Playgrounds

If you have an iPad or a Mac, this is a good application for people of all ages to learn the basics of Swift, a modern programming language created by Apple but supported by all major technology companies, including Google or Microsoft, and key in the development of mobile applications.

Khan Academy

This online learning platform offers free courses from various disciplines, from math to economics, with a syllabus ranging from preschool to high school. His programming classes are a good way to get started in javascript and HTML, the pillars of the modern web.

Code Org

A perfect website for the smallest of the house (from 4 to 18 years old) with simple and fun exercises and a large community of students around the world that also takes advantage of popular applications and games, such as Minecraft, to make it much easier The learning.

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