The Asturian actor stars in 'Hogar' (Netflix), a thriller in which he plays a psychopath obsessed with recovering his previous and elevated train of life

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To Javier Muñoz, the protagonist of the thriller Hogar (Netflix) directed by the Pastor brothers ( Infected , The Last Days ), leaving the fabulous apartment where he lives for rent with his family to move to a smaller house leads him to commit all kinds of crazy things. A successful publicist, he hasn't had a job for a long time and suffers believing that he has dropped his status. But going to the apartment from time to time, taking advantage of the fact that he still has the keys, will only be the first step in a descent into hell where he will not stop until he takes everything from Tomás (Mario Casas), the new tenant of his old home. Javier Gutiérrez (Luanco, Asturias, 1971), who plays the protagonist of the film, explains over the phone how he has confined himself to his home and analyzes his character.

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Doesn't it seem ironic and even morbid that the public enjoy watching a psychopath get away with it? Well, it is a film that makes you have a good time (laughs). I think it is well built and makes me catch you. Personally, I will tell you that it has been a lot of fun and joy to play someone so wicked and Machiavellian. What reflection have you come to about the burden of reality that such a fantastic story has? It is a scary horror story that, at the same time, is very recognizable. It is scary to see how far the human being can go. This film portrays how some are determined to reach unsuspected limits to preserve their plot, in which they feel comfortable. Javier has invested a lot of time and energy to get where he is. So when he runs out of work and leaves his house, he thinks his life is falling apart and he is ready to do anything to regain a social status that he thinks has been taken from him. Didn't it remind you, in a way, of the plot of Hogar a los de Parasitos and El autor , with which you won the Goya for Best Actor in 2018? Yes, because they talk about individualism and how far we are able to go to achieve something, in an excessive and unhealthy way. In The Author , the protagonist played God. I also think that, in some way, social networks and certain television are taking us to a world that seems to me a parallel reality and that can contaminate the mind. And to anesthetize you if you stop. Are you scared to see how materialism dominates a society in which having a house can mean so much? And much more in the times that we live reasonably confined, that make us think that our home is like our bunker ... Until now we have lived in an individualistic and selfish society. But hopefully we will soon learn lessons related to generosity or treating others as human beings.

Tomás (Mario Casas) is the 'mirror' in which Javier (Javier Gutiérrez) looks.

By the way, how are you living these days of confinement at home? Well, I'm playing and watching cartoons with my son so that he copes better with all this and is calm. He caught me in the middle of filming La hija , a thriller by Manuel Martín Cuenca. We were in the Sierra de Cazorla and we had to interrupt it. I was very excited to return to my house and see on the portal several posters of young neighbors who offered themselves to the elderly to go buy what they needed. What advice would you give to cope better with this? Well, I don't know if I'm qualified to advise. I think we should heed the government's recommendations. This is a war that surpasses us, that has us scared and that will be a horror in the economic and, surely, in the mental. But I think it will bring out the best in the human being and in Spanish society. I trust that. In these times, watching movies like this can help more than one ... I think there are three basic legs that cannot be touched in any society: health, education and culture. Regarding the latter, it is true that, on days as tough as these, culture is a balm that can do a lot of good. In addition to Home and all your filmography, you can see it in Movistar + Vergüenza , a series that has just released its third season. Shame is a very politically incorrect comedy and far from what has been done in fiction in Spain in recent times. It is very irreverent. For this reason and for the topics it deals with, I think it can work these days to bear the weight of the harsh reality.

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