Based on the data analysis obtained by the police by seizure and search on the cryptocurrency exchange, the investigation into the search for paid members of 'Parkbang' has been in earnest.

Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency's Cyber ​​Safety Division announced on the 26th that it had seized and searched for 3 cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bithumb, Upbit, and CoinOne on the 13th regarding the telegram 'Parkbang' incident. .

On the 19th, the police also confiscated and searched 'Best Coin', a cryptocurrency purchasing agency.

Another agency, 'Bit Proxy', asked for cooperation in investigations to obtain relevant data.

A police officer said, "We are currently analyzing data obtained from exchanges and agencies."

Dr Jo Joo-bin, 24, a doctor's room operator, accused him of intimidating and disseminating a sexual exploitation by using a part-time job as a bait to get a naked photo of a face and then using it as a secret (Children and Youth Act on Sex Protection) Violations, etc.).
74 victims have been identified by the police to date, including 16 minors.

As a result of the police investigation, it was found that Mr. Jo operated a paid chat room divided into three levels for each level, and received a certain amount of cryptocurrency for the purpose of donation, and then entered a paid member to provide sexual exploitation.

Earlier, police seized Mr. Cho's residence and confiscated 130 million won in cash, which is estimated to be a crime.

However, as some analysts say that there are billions of won in Cho's cryptocurrency wallets, the police are also focusing on verifying Cho's exact amount of illegal revenue.

In addition, the police are looking at the facts of the suspicions raised so far, including the circumstances in which Mr. Cho was committed to fraud, including being charged with retaliation against a specific person and stealing money.