Jo Joo-bin, an operator of 'Parkbang' who threatened women to produce illegal filming of sexual exploitation and distributed it to telegrams. The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency held a new disclosure committee on the 24th and disclosed the identity of Mr. Cho. This is the first time the police have released the name, age, and ID card of the sex offender directly during the investigation.

Until now, the targets for the release of new personalities were powerful criminals who committed murders such as Yu-jeong Yu, Indeuk Ahn, and Sungsoo Kim. However, sex offenders may disclose personal information in accordance with the Special Act on Punishment of Sexual Violence. According to the law, Cho is the first instance of a new identity disclosed at the investigation stage.

For the first time as a sex crime, the suspect's identity has been released, so SBS News will keep an eye on how the case will end.

Responsible Producer Hyeon-jong Ha / Producer Lee Arita / Composition Kim Yu-jin / Editor Bae Hyo-young / Intern Hong Jin-sol

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