Experts say that Jo Joo-bin mentioned many famous people today (25th) with the intention of packing and showing off as a sex offender and a scammer. During the police investigation, Jo Joo-bin's morale is also revealed, and it was confirmed that he had offered a good position to former Mayor Yoon Jang-hyun.

This is Hong Young-jae's exclusive report.


It was around September last year that Jo Joo-bin contacted former Gwangju Mayor Yoon Jang-hyun.

Mayor Yoon was under trial at the time for allegedly defrauding a former deceived wife of former President Roh Moo-hyun and his wife, Mrs. Kwon Yang-sook.

As a result of police investigation, Jo Joo-bin revealed that he contacted Mayor Yoon Jeon directly, saying, "I am 'the chief of the Blue House, but I have a lot of hardships due to the trial."

In the meantime, Mr. Cho is said to have asked for trouble, saying he would look for a position in Seoul as a group leader.

Jo Joo-bin also deceived himself as if he were a new person, saying "Judge," and then asked Mayor Yoon for a price, saying, "I will handle the trial well."

Mayor Yoon is known to have not noticed such a fraud because he started contacting with personal information secured by public interest workers, the 'Parkbang' management.

Mayor Yoon also appeared on the broadcast and visited the office of JTBC and the JTBC office after receiving suggestions from Mr. Cho to relieve the oppression.

Here, former Mayor Yoon said, “After seeing the fact that Mr. Cho met with President Suk-hee Son and talked with them, I handed the money.

Police believe that Mayor Yoon Jeon gave 30 million won to Mr. Cho three times from September to December last year.

The police will soon call on Mayor Yoon Jeon to confirm Mr. Cho's morale.

(Video coverage: Gongjin-gu, Video editing: Park, CG: Announcement)

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