Jo Joo-bin, who spread a video of sexual exploitation of minors on a telegram, stood before the people today (25th). I said thank you for stopping the devil's life, but I couldn't find any signs of reflection. He did not sincerely regret the crimes he committed and did not apologize to the victims for the irreversible wounds.

This is Jo Yun-ha, the first news reporter.


Joo-bin Jo, who was imprisoned at the Jongno Police Station in Seoul at 8 am, walks outside.

During the investigation, Mr. Cho tried to inflict self-harm and was wearing a brace on his neck and a bandage on his head.

When asked if there was anything to say to the victim, he answered:

[Cho Joo-bin / 'Park Sabang' Operator: I sincerely apologize to all those who have been affected by me, including President Suk-hee Son, Mayor Yoon Jang-hyun, and reporter Kim Woong. Thank you so much for stopping the devil's life that couldn't be stopped.]

In the 15-second remarks, we mentioned 'apology' and 'demon's life', but they only mentioned the names of celebrities, but they did not apologize to the women who had been harmed by their sexual exploitation.

[Cho Joo-bin / 'Dr. Bang' Operator: (Do you admit to distributing pornography?)… . (A lot of the victims of minors, but don't you feel guilty?)… .]

The interviewer's question continued, but Mr. Cho remained silent until he got into the car.

In front of the police station, protests urged strong punishment against Mr. Cho.

[Please punish Cho Joo Bin! Punish! Punish! Seek the Supreme Court! Spherical! Spherical!]

The police have imprisoned the expiration of the arrest and handed over Mr. Cho's new recruit to the prosecution, but continue to investigate Mr. Cho and his accomplices apart from the prosecution.

In particular, we are focusing on investigative power to pay cryptocurrency to the doctor's room operated by Mr. Cho and to identify paid members who have seen or shared sexual exploitation.

(Video coverage: Gongjin-gu, Video editing: Ha Sung-won)

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